Responsive design: Why is it so important to Google?

responsive design on multiple devices

We live in a world of multiple screens. Our view of the web becomes a mosaic of information across different devices. As we shift from laptop to smartphone to tablet, we expect websites to respond accordingly. That’s what “responsive design” means.

Google’s trend analysts have seen the need for responsive design coming. Smartphones are no longer a desktop computer’s kid brother – they’re the king of the web’s domain.

Why should you care about responsive design?

In a matter of months, Google’s mobile search index will become its primary search index. Even now Google is already up-ranking mobile-optimized websites over unresponsive sites.

If it matters to Google, it should matter to your business because that’s how most people find your website. In fact, it might even help you snag customers away from your competitors:

Responsive design helps New Zealanders compare prices by phone while they're in a store.

If your website isn’t already responsive, it’s a good idea to prioritize a redesign. Don’t know how to start because your site’s pakaru? Prefer has heaps of experience with responsive design. We can help you.