Social engagement: collecting likes is not the goal

Social engagement

Unless someone starts paying you for every like you have, you’re missing the big social engagement picture.

Focus on converting social engagement, not collecting it

First, let’s just say it out loud: social engagement isn’t meant to be a popularity contest. It’s easy to forget that fact when major social media players are trying to justify your involvement with them. Don’t get me wrong, social engagement is a valuable marketing tool. But like all marketing exercises, it needs focus, effort and attention.

It’s important to remember the goal of any marketing exercise: sales. By that measure, you’re not winning if your only effort in that space is collecting ‘likes’. The key outcome is to convert those ‘likes’ into sales. If each one of the ‘likes’ you have represented a sale, then you could certainly start bragging about your like count. But as that isn’t the norm, your strategy should include detailed analysis of where that engagement is coming from, how to learn from it and turn it into sales. And like your grade school teacher used to say, if you want to learn you have to pay attention.

Social marketing: file it under routine maintenance

If we use the trusted car analogy, you know that routine checkups and oil changes are what keep you on the road. Likewise, to keep your website relevant to your business, you need to have a schedule of review, maintenance, and adaptation. And thanks to the digital age, one of the most valuable things that online marketing can provide is instant insight in the form of data collected from your website and social marketing streams. So don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty poking around in the Google analytics for your site. It will tell you far more than a few ‘likes’ and give you information you can respond to.

Next step: observing that data, where it’s coming from, and what your audience is engaging with. Put that step in your calendar just like invoicing or payroll as a regular exercise. The most crucial point is looking at ways to steer that engagement to become an actual sale which grows your business. One of the best ways to do this is to work with a web partner who can help you make sense of the data and share ideas about how to act on it. We can do that for you, so get in touch.