The rise of ad fraud in a digital world

We live in a global digital society, with more and more people using the internet every day. Coupled with this is the increase in production and adoption of smartphone and personal computer usage, making the internet much easier to access. Therefore it is no surprise the internet has more or less replaced conventional media types, such as newspapers, as the main source of marketing information and trends.

Advertisers utilise these digital trends by paying for online ad placements, attracting customers through digital marketing. These marketers, however, face one significant problem…

Ad fraud.

What is ad fraud?

This is the false impression of traffic or interest to an advertiser, by scammers. Each year, estimates show that an average of 19 billion dollars is lost due to ad fraud. It often comes in the form of misrepresented ad placement and click fraud. Although this gives the impression of traffic, it does not result in actual sales of the advertised products. Bots distort analytics which reduces the effectiveness of marketing budgets.

How can we manage this?

NOIZChain came up with an innovative artificial intelligent bot called Nikola, as a way to combat ad fraud. Nikola can increase the conversion rates of ads by rewarding potential customers for their ad engagement by giving them tokens through the Noizchain platform.

Nikola can also distinguish customer engagement into levels of intent, which is the information equivalent of gold for marketers and advertisers. They can then adjust their objectives to optimise their sales and results.

Currently, advertisers lose money to false traffic. But when using the Nikola bot they can obtain proof of ad engagement. Nikola also has the ability to learn, maximising demographic targeting and consumer engagement over time.

By using this form of innovative artificial intelligence businesses can now filter our spam traffic and increase their success by combating ad fraud.


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