UI design: Microsoft Surface Studio’s breakthrough

In October, Microsoft unveiled a revolutionary new way to interact with its Surface tablets: the Dial. Could your business benefit from a similar UI design breakthrough?

Real world UI design

In an interview with The Verge,Terry Myerson, EVP of Windows and Devices at Microsoft, explained that the Surface Dial was the result of an entirely different thought process. He instructed his team to look at what creative people do when they’re away from their computers. The team found that creatives use both hands when they’re working elsewhere, but they use only one hand with a tablet.

“This idea that when someone holds a pen, what is the other hand doing so you can bring them back into the full creative zone?” [Microsoft’s Terry Myerson]

The Surface Dial’s breakthrough suggests that there might be infinite ways we can interact with devices – all we need is a different perspective.

How to avoid stale UI design

Don’t be afraid to try something new when you head into UI design for your product or business. At Prefer, we love stretching our creative muscles beyond the ordinary. Shoot us a message so we can help you achieve your own design breakthrough.