Your site’s true value is in your content plan

You might think that when you’ve finally got your flash new website up and running that you can sit down, put your feet up and admire your hard work. By all means, do that. But not without a content plan.

 A content plan builds your site’s equity

Firstly, don’t think of your site as a shiny new car you just drove off the website lot. There’s no way to build equity in most new cars — the value starts dropping the moment you take it home. Instead, think of it as a house. Every little effort you make to keep your house current or upgraded adds to its value. It’s the same with your website. But just as you wouldn’t add a wing to your house without really thinking that through, you want to make sure you have a content plan.

Secondly, don’t panic. A content plan is just a schedule of when you want to review and refresh your content over the course of the year. This can include text, video, imagery… even menu items if new products or services are available. For instance, if you have a busy season for your business you may want to hone your content around that time to reach your audience with new or special offers. Video content is a key component on many sites these days, and it’s especially important to keep video content fresh. Consider creating a quarterly schedule for new video topics. For imagery, try swapping out home page images once a month, just to keep those from feeling stale.

Don’t let your words stagnate

Text is another key component to keep an eye on. Creating blog posts weekly or fortnightly is a great way to keep your text content interesting for your clients. (Linking that to social media is great for SEO rankings, too.) But you may also want to consider how to refresh the wording on your call-to-action sections/offers. Those are key engagement points for your customers so it’s important to keep them interesting.

The easiest way to keep all this from feeling daunting is to create a content plan. Make sure you’re not scheduling too many things at once and it won’t be overwhelming. But just to make sure you’re on the right track, why not get in touch? We can help you build a strong content plan. Making a few quick tweaks now and then will make sure your website will keep its ‘new site smell’ for years to come.