Voice assistant to pack your suitcase

The Dutch Airline KLM launched a smart voice assistant that helps passengers pack their suitcase using Google Home.

It is a way to find out how customers engage voice-controlled systems not necessarily a core part of their business.

If you have a¬†Google Home or Google Assistant (check your phone if you have an Android 5 or higher) you can enter into a conversation with KLM’s BB voice assistant. Just say “Ok Google Let me talk to KLM” and you are connected to her. BB, short for Blue Bot will then help you by listing everything you need to pack your bag. BB also¬†gives personal advice for packing your suitcase.

This is a great example of a branded voice assistant as it takes into account the wide range of information available. Knowing who you are, she asks for your destination and trip duration which means she can look at the climate, weather predictions and see what would be a suitable attire for you. She even goes as far as to advise on visa en medication matters.

The goal for KLM is to be part of the customer journey in places they were not before. To KLM use and engagement are the most important benchmarks. More on BB can be found at bb.klm.com.

Voice assistant boost

Voice is growing and as an organisation, it is important to be ready for that wave. Not investing in that now means you will most likely miss out. As we see with native apps these days, only 10 apps generate the vast amount of use. Voice assistants will be similar to this. Not being there in the early stages makes it harder to get into the game at a later stage.