Voice commerce is still in its infancy?

Amazon sold many smart Echo Dot speakers on Cyber Monday as reported proudly. We do not hear much about the services provided though. Echo Dot sold particularly well because the product was sharply discounted, to around US$30 (NZ$43).

With Echo Dot you can select music using your voice, request information and buy from Amazon. That is called voice commerce in industry jargon, but it has yet to get off the ground, as Guru Hariharan from Amazon admits to Internet Retailer.

The use of the loudspeaker is limited to listening to music and checking the weather.

The site also quotes Julia Belanger from marketing agency Isobar, who emphasizes that Amazon usually takes the time to bring new innovations to maturity and not to impose on users. In addition, the problem arises that the device itself does not bring any articles to the attention of its owner.

Voice commerce a.k.a. conversational commerce will soon mainly be used for ordering everyday necessities not for buying luxury electronics. Finding new products and researching them using just your voice is a hard task. With the added bonus of augmented reality, this could, however, be the next leap forward. Imagine looking at a product augmented in your own living room before you buy.

Time to start

Irrespective of that, this is the right time to start experimenting with voice commerce. Amazon is at our doorstep and extending their offer to New Zealand is only a stone throw away. Find out how to work with your clients, collect data about how they engage and learn how best to serve them using the ever-changing media/device usage landscape.