Prefer strives for workplace diversity – come work for us!

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Most New Zealand employees (58%) would like to see more diversity in their coworkers. At Prefer, we’ve always been committed to modeling business best practices – and workplace diversity is no different.

Workplace diversity is good for business

Many studies have shown that workforce diversity improves almost every aspect of business. That means hiring a crew of people with different genders, ages, cultures, and physical disabilities.

According to Diversity Works NZ, the benefits of a diverse team include:

  • competitive advantage
  • better-skilled talent recruitment and retention
  • better decision-making
  • finding new markets
  • increased productivity

New Zealand is among the best

Our national heritage boasts a broad cultural identity. That seems fitting for a country with such a variety of natural magnificence on display – from glittering glaciers and sandy beaches to bubbling geothermal mud pools.

But even though New Zealand boasts the sixth highest employment-to-population ratio in the world, we still have room for improvement. When looked at from a cultural viewpoint, about 67% who claim European ancestry are employed compared to only 58% of those with Māori ethnicity. We can – and will – get better.

Prefer recruits across every spectrum

“At Prefer, we attempt to create a very diverse environment with people from all ages, cultures, and sexes. We know how important that is for a healthy business culture.”
[Martijn Verhoeven, Managing Director at Prefer]

We believe a diverse workplace significantly increases our ability to compete in the marketplace. To that end, we’ve intentionally recruited team members from different countries around the world, with different ages, and from different cultures, as well as trying to balance gender diversity.

Ready to come work for Prefer?

If you’ve got talent, we want to hear from you, regardless of your background or identity.We’re eager to work with the sharpest minds! Don’t wait for a job listing, contact us and make your case. We’ll review your resume.